Make the process easy, efficient and accurate with Rowmark’s Rack Star™ modular laser cutting table system! Designed specifically for laser equipment users, this innovative product offers the flexibility to secure just about any part vertically or horizontally for laser marking... from small jobs to mass production.

Rack Star is easy to install and is available in multiple sizes to conveniently sit on the bed of any CO2 or fiber laser system. It features a durable aluminum frame with a grid of cone shaped alignment pins ensuring easy fastening and efficient set-up. A collection of repositionable acrylic “risers” and “v-blocks” sit securely on the pins and position objects of varying sizes in place, level with the laser beam, while the laser is operating.

Rack Star Laser Cutting Table System


  • System easily installs and inserts into existing laser equipment, eliminating the need for costly rotary attachments
  • Quickly and effortlessly laser engrave uniquely shaped dimensional objects
  • Acrylic risers and v-blocks secure objects vertically or horizontally in the laser bed, level with the laser beam
  • Increases speed and productivity for large jobs or mass production
  • Custom designed cone shape pin rails raise the material to minimize contact with the laser bed virtually eliminating flashback
  • Durable aluminum construction, made and assembled in the USA
  • The rack and pin rail system are placed on 1-inch centers within the horizontal and vertical ruler guides for quick setup (metric Rack Star systems available)
Wine Glasses Rack Star
Rack and Pin Rail System - Rack Star
Baseball Bats Rack Star